Welcome to Learnt Africa, here we bridge Africa's education gap, by providing a safe digital learning space for our students.

Contextualized . Accessible . Personalized Learning Space

The Why...

Africa faces huge challenges in reforming its education sector. While access to education has expanded dramatically over the last 25 years, and more boys and girls are in classrooms than ever before, many young people are still not learning what they need to thrive now and in the future. If current trends continue, by 2050 some one-third of Africa’s one billion young people will lack basic proficiency in math, reading, and other subjects. Millions will be unemployable and unproductive.

Digital Lessons

Watch video lessons from verified tutors on a variety of subjects across Grades.

Digital Books

Refer to textbooks, study notes on lessons and topics studied.

Digital Assessments

After-lesson evaluation and progress tracking is supported. 

Virtual Tutor

Get connected to a virtual tutor for contextualized and personalized lessons.
For Students

Our digital space supports student access to; digital lessons, digital books, digital assessments and virtual tutors across Africa.

For Tutors

For tutors, the space provides a dashboard to create and share digital lessons, track student progress, and monetize virtual tutoring.

For Parents

Safety of our students on the space is of paramount importance, our parents can track student progress, track teacher student interaction and mange student subscriptions.

We're still in Development!

For Schools

We are developing a school centered space for institutions, schools can manage their digital content, students and connected teachers.

We're still in Development!


Getting Started


Create a Free Account

Students, tutors and soon parents can create a free account on the digital space.

Update your Bio

Lessons and students will be curated based on the information provided in your bio.

Choose a Plan

For starters, students and teachers can access using the free plan, however you can bump your plan up.


Depending on your plan, you are free to connect to an unlimited number of verified tutors.


billed monthly

  • Limited Videos


billed monthly

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Books
  • Unlimited Assessments


billed monthly

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Unlimited Tutors

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Be part of our growing family.

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